My name is Cindy Johnson, and I love to party!

I spent my entire career working for hotels, 30 of them working for the French chain Sofitel. I travelled all over the world, ate in many, many of the great restaurants, and worked with some amazing French chefs.

Today, I help people put on parties that will create great memories. The ideas are free.

And all of the supplies you’ll need you’ll find on the Shop menu.

I believe:

  • You shouldn’t have to break the bank to have a great party. In fact, the Dollar Store is high on my shopping list. Plus, I live in Southern California, where life is pretty laid back.
  • I have an “Instagram Moment” for most of my parties. You want people to take photos so they remember your party. And no one leaves home without their phone today.
  • I always try to put something out in the front yard or on the front door that gets people in the mood before they cross your threshold.
  • I love giving people a different name tag, or a hat, or something tied to the theme. It definitely brings out their inner child and gets them in the mood.
  • Desserts are special so most of the time I have cute little bags for guests to take extras home.
    Details, details, details. That’s my mantra!

I’d love to hear from you…positively or negatively…and if I can help with your party planning, let me know.