Selfie Scavenger Hunt

I had to put on a birthday dinner for 12. These people had been around for lots of birthdays (!) so I needed something unusual. This idea was not new to them, but they certainly hadn’t done a scavenger hunt in many years and had never done a selfie scavenger hunt.

Since the birthday twins had lived in 7 decades, I decided to make a category for each decade. They needed to take a selfie with the item, film each other doing the item, or get someone to photograph them doing the item. The evidence would be on their cell phone, which they’d need to pass to another guest to validate their score when they came in to dinner.

We went to an area where there are lots of shops and stores. I selected teams of two. Most were with their significant other, although they were separated at dinner. One person needs to be the team captain, who will keep the score, watch the time and present the photos on his/her cellphone.

Here’s a sample of the list I gave my group:

40’s: Where would women have been without Bobby pins? Take a selfie with a woman still showing Bobby pin love today.

50’s: Lucy and Ethel had an iconic scene working at a chocolate factory. Have someone film your team as you act out that scene.

60’s; The Beatles’ epic walk across Abbey Road became the cover of a bestselling album. Find fellow Beatle lovers and stage your own Abbey Road walk across a quiet intersection, with someone filming it, of course.

70’s: Ah, there were some wild times in the VW bus. Take a selfie with a VW bus or a car the Twins would have ridden in in the 70’s.

80’s: Michael Jackson created a dance move that will be considered one of the all time greats. Film a team member doing this dance down the sidewalk.

90’s: Leo and Kate. That movie pose. Have someone take the team’s picture at a scenic location posing like they did.

2000’s: Strike a pose with someone born between 2000 and 2010.

2010’s: Take a Selfie with a piece of material similar to Gaga’s famous MTV Awards dress.

When everyone was done, we sat down at the dinner table with drinks and appetizers to share before beginning the debrief and deciding on the winners.

Listening to the teams and hearing about their adventures was priceless. We added up the scores, disputed a few questionable ones, and gave the winners their prizes.

Here are a few photos of our group:


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