Retro Christmas

(not my grandparents!)

My Grandparents, sometime in the 50’s, bought an aluminum Christmas tree with one of those color wheels below it that changed the color of the tree. It was quite the thing in its day. Some loved it and some couldn’t imagine not having a real tree. They placed it right in front of their “picture window” and it WAS quite lovely looking at it past the mounds of snow in Minnesota. And, anyway, we had a real tree with tinsel at home.

Jump forward to 2009 and my brother, Mark, had a new condo in downtown San Diego and we were going to spend family Christmas there that year. He decided to inject a bit of retro in our lives that year, and found an aluminum tree with a color wheel on EBay. We decorated it just like Grandma and shared a lot of Christmas memories.

.Here are a few more items from that period:

Lots of retro photos of your Christmasses past are a must. I would put them in some frames from the Dollar Store and use them as placecards and larger family photos in the centerpiece.

For those who don’t want to go the “tin tree” route, there isl always these two die-hard staples:

I think it’s the perfect year to celebrate good memories!


  1. I think we were used to the retro christmas using most of the same decor from the past. Our cousins had that aluminum tree with the wheel but I wasn’t crazy about it. I do have nostalgia for tinsel and sitting up looking at the tree with its lights and shiny colored bulbs and feeling such joy and peace. Those are great memories but nothing to compare with all mom’s wonderful baking of cookies, breads & cakes. I remember Christmases more for all the feasting!

  2. My grandparents had a tinsel tree with the color wheel too and I remember being so fascinated it with. They always had everything first — the first color tv in the neighborhood, always the newest cars, etc. What trendsetters they were!

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