The Girly Pink Christmas

I love Christmas! I change the decor every year. And I must admit I’m a bit over the top when it comes to decorations. I go to all of the after Christmas sales and spend a lot of effort searching online sales. I’m usually done at the end of January and have the next Christmas stored away in the garage. I give away the current year’s decorations. The peacocks from last year will make their debut in Palm Springs this Christmas, the candy cane decorations we used two years ago are decorating a home in La Jolla and those from three years ago went to a charity providing homes for the homeless.

I make boards for themes to give me inspiration and a feel for what look I want. These are my “looks” for past and future Christmasses.

Face it…we girls love our pink. It symbolizes love, kindness and femininity. And who doesn’t look good around it? So here’s my Look Book for a Pink Christmas, girls!

Pink Christmas Decor

I like this approach to pink, however, as there are all different shades and these mix together beautifully.

Love it, gotta have it for my front yard!

Retro pink lights to put in the tree or in garland around the front door.


  1. Nice! I don’t think my men would be happy with a Pink Christmas but I love it! Is this what you’re doing this year?

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