Let’s Talk Gift Wrap

“Brown paper packages tied up in string. These are a few of my favorite things”.

This is history.

This is in.

That’s right. Those big ugly rolls of colored glossy paper and bags of bows are history. Today we want to wrap gifts in an earthy, natural and more personal kind of way. And the resources to do that require thought, not a lot of money.

The gifts under the tree can be as big a part of your decor as the tree, so I’m showing you examples of gifts wrapped primarily from a big roll of Kraft paper, but if your tree is pink, get a few rolls of matte pink paper, or if it’s red, get matte red. Kraft paper can be found in many colors. I’m eyeing the black for this year. The burlap, twine stars and acorns will still look great.

First of all, you need to discover downloadable printable gift tags. Etsy and Pinterest have tons of them for roughly $3-$4. They send you the file, you download it and print it on card stock, punch a hole and string some twine or ribbon…or both…through it. Here are a few I like:

An alternative…these Scrabble tiles glued to a ribbon… are great.

So start shopping for your new look. Everything is available at Amazon and in craft stores. To make the twine with the stars, wrap your package, tie the twine on, punch stars out on cover stock with the star punch, and hot glue them on.

Have fun!

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