Hippy Trippy Happy Hour

I realized a woman I really like was having a birthday in two weeks and I decided to do a little “socially distant” outdoor birthday party for her. I quickly emailed the invitation to her and our WOW group members:

Note that I asked them to bring the food, so all I have to do is set the stage for the Hippies descending on us.

The Hippie above and these signs will be at the Front of the house, directing guests to the back patio.

The table as they enter has a large umbrella over it, so I’ll hang some of these under the umbrella. The table will be for presents, Hippie buttons and temporary Tattoos.

I made several these, filled with Skittles and M&M’s, and the labels below posted on them.

We’re lucky enough to have a pool, so I’m changing the color lights to pink, floating this peace sign float in the pool and hanging this birthday peace sign banner on the pool wall.

The Food Table has a hippie-style tablecloth and paper plates. And my guests are bringing the food, remember. I’m making Lobster Mac and Cheese served in ice cream cones…Yum!

Over the table hanging from the gazebo arch I’ve blown up some sixties images to poster size and I’ll mount them on foam board and surround them with some psychedelic tissue flowers.

The lounge area, where we’ll sit, will have some of the lanterns and paper fans hanging under a really large umbrella and I’ve made a 4 x 6 signs to sit in frames in that area:

And for dessert, Peace Cupcakes, of course!

This is a very low cost, simple party for a Covid-approved small group, thrown together in two weeks – but I think we’ll have a lot of fun. Photos on Facebook and Instagram soon!

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