Flamenco Fiesta

Flamenco guitar, tapas, sangria. What more could you ask for?

Dress the men in hats and clip a red flower behind the women’s hair, give them a fan and the party is ready to start!

Place this life size flamenco dancer at your front door.


Flamenco guitar, of course. And since it’s not that easy to find a flamenco guitarist, most people use a flamenco soundtrack and there are some great ones.


Because a key component of Spanish food is tapas -small plates-I would suggest using a casual seating format rather than dining tables, which is more conducive for grazing.

I would set up four tables:

  • Liquor
  • Tapas
  • Main Course Dish
  • Dessert

They key look of a flamenco Party is red, black and white…and polka dots. I would experiment with options to do this economically..maybe do one color in a regular tablecloth and then take raw yardage of the other fabric and have it gathered.

One of these on each table would be smashing! You need four 20” opaque Eiffel Tower vases, four mini LED base lights to go under, florists bouquet ball, peacock feathers, which could be red or black. Smashing!

For the backdrops, a collection of paper fans.


Sangria is probably the most well-known of Spanish drinks, but don’t leave out Cava (sparkling wine), beer and Mojitos.

The Sangria and Mojitas can be made in advance and served in a nice beverage dispenser.

The Spanish have some terrific wines, which I would bring out when the main course is served.


I would have 4-6 tapas, a very large pan of Paella (and I would probably have this delivered in their special pan) and a simple dessert.


As much as I love big dessert tables, I would do one simple authentic dessert, like Crema Catalana or Flan.


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