Easter Brunch with your Peeps

It’s all about warmer weather, spring colors, and a special treat from your childhood -Peeps. They come in all the right colors and are just so cute.

Let this guy reign in your front lawn for Selfies.

And for your Front Door.


It’s the right time for some colored linens, and I’m loving these tiny polka dots.

Fill your table with some fabulous Peeps and flowers.

More Peeps holding the placecards. And that’s probably enough Peeps!

Start with a lovely cocktail,like these lemon drops,served on a bed of jelly beans.

I think this meal should be served family style so there are no disruptions to good conversation other than “Please pass the…”

Start with a lovely fruit salad, like this minty salad or a yogurt berry salad.

Then an egg dish, like this vegetable frittata, and cinnamon glazed French Toast casserole.

And everyone’s guilty pleasure…croissants with butter and jam.

And with coffee…chocolate covered strawberries.

And then it’s time to take your Peeps for a long walk!

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