Black & White Wedding Shower

Black and White. So classic, so chic. So sophisticated. Love it!

But First, The Invitation, There are lots of black and white formats available that you can customize and email or mail.

Since we’re into black and white, do you want to ask your guests to wear black and white? Could be fun.


Print these three signs in a 8 x 10 format on heavy card stock, glue gun them to the end of a dowel and tie a bow right below the sign. They’ll be adorable in the front yard to welcome guests.

If you have a pool:

Float these black and white balloons with tassels above the pool for a real show stopper.

Note: You need to tie the helium-filled balloons to a weight with fishing line and place them strategically in the pool. Do NOT do this until the last minute – keep them ready inside- as the sun and heat will deflate the helium. (I know from experience,)


Mimosas- with different juices and fruits- are a great option. Those who don’t drink have the option of several juices. And those who do, have the option of plain champagne or champagne with juice or fruit.

All of this on a black tablecloth and, if you have a back wall or the ability to hang items above, these are great.


It’s a great look. Black tablecloth, black and white rummers and white napkins. You can tie different black and white ribbons on the napkins and the vases. And if you want a more relaxed feel for the flowers stay with the lower heights of vases.

I sometimes use a “mad hatter” type chair in the center for the guest of honor, with a lasered sign on it.


This is the place to have a lot of fun! Black tablecloth and black and white desserts and candy.

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