Taco ‘Bout a Party!

A welcome sign, along with some tissue flowers, at the entry.

Colorful tissue paper flowers are the easiest and least expensive decoration…and they look great! You can also make garlands of them.

Or, serapes with large Paper flowers.


Mexican beer and TequilaShots.

Margaritas, of course!


Chips in the Sombrero

Corn Tortillas, Flour Tortillas and Crispy Tacos in children’s’ sand pails.

Guacamole, Pico de Gallo and all of the garnishes for tacos in terra cotta pots.

Keep the taco meats warm in this three compartment server.

And add a few baby piñatas for fun!

Paper plates and napkins to match.


I got quite a few serapes to use as runners on the dining tables, the bar, and the food table.

These are homemade, believe it or not, with dollar store pool noodles, pots, flowers and toothpicks. I used them on the dining tables and made bigger ones for the bar and food table.


Churros are a must, whether full size with a dip or in cupcakes. And don’t forget the cactus pretzel rods..delish!

Fiesta like there’s no Manana!

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