Havana Nights

I love this idea for an adult summer party. A Mojito and some great Salsa music, Panama Hats and Flowers tucked behind women’s hair, Cigars and Cuban food, and A Churro bar for dessert. What’s not to love?

Setting the Stage:

Have a neighbor with a vintage convertible? Ask them to park it in your driveway for selfies.

This sign is easy to make with craft paints and dollar store flowers.

Next, put out a “Get Havana Style” station with a mirror for your guests.

This is a metal vine climbing rack that I painted and stood against a wall.

Fake Mustaches.
Floral headbands or loose clip-in flowers for the women.
I put flowers on these for the women.

For my Instagram spot, I would get this inexpensive 7’x5’ backdrop, put bunches of brightly colored tissue flowers across the top and down one side, and have a laser cut banner (not expensive!) in a tropical color that says Havana Nights (high enough that people won’t block it when they take their picture in front of it).

These are simple to make!
And the Bar:

Mojitos are an absolute must.

Along with the famous Rum and Coke.

The Playlist: Salsa, Salsa, Salsa. And if it were my party I’d hire a Salsa teacher to come for a couple of hours to get shy dancers out on the floor and show them some moves.
The Table:

I’d start out with this tropical grass skirt.

Add some fabulous fruit centerpieces.

Lay some tropical leaves on the table.

The Food:

I’d definitely do a menu of small plates, allowing your guests to sample Cuban dishes such as Ceviche.

Plaintains and Dip (although I’d do guacamole).

Cuban Sandwich Egg Rolls.

Cuban corn and black bean salad.


Churros and dip for dessert.

Cigars (or chocolate cigars) and Cuban coffee:

The Cubans love their coffee and drink a very small, very strong espresso.

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